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About some attractions in different countries Empty About some attractions in different countries

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The great wall of china is the lonest defense wall in the world
and it has a history of more than 2000years.
visiting the great wall is inevitable (that is sure to happen) for visitors from both
domestic and foreign countries.
The base of the wall was made of granite and lump of soil and
the top was paved with square bricks.
THe great wall averages 1.8 meters in height and is 6.5M wide
at the base and 5.7M at the top,The width isenough for 5 horses
to go side by side.
On both sides of the road there are dwarf (short) walls called "PARAPET WALL".
Everyothere 300to 500M there are fortresses(small tower) ,in ancient time,soldiers
made smoke in daytime and fire at night if they found the enemies.
The wall is an ancient masterpiece that you can fully enjoy.


The parthenon is the remains of a temple to the greek goddess "ATHENA"
the patron goddess of the ancient city of Athens.
It is a temple located on the Acropolis,a hill over looking the city of Athens.
The parthenon was designed by "PHIDIAS" a famous sculptor.
THE Acropolis is the hill in Athens on which the Parthenon stands.
"ACRO" means high and "POLIS"means city (high city).
Athens is one of the safest capital cities in the entire world.


It created centre of paris in 1889, in commemoration (celebration) of the
centenary (period of 100 y)of the french revolution.
The tower that has become symbolic of paris ,the world over weighs 10100 tonnes
and contains 18000 pieces of iron ,help together by 2500000 rivets.
At 324M high, it was until 1929 ,the tallest structure(a building) in the world,
although that record was broken many years ago.
There are still superb(first-class) views over paris from the first floor , which can
be reached by astairway and even better views from the third floor ,which
is accessible by lift.


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