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Post  Amir.H.Kh on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:54 am

now I want to talk about my childhood:
well, I was born in Mahabad & grew up in it...i have very beautiful memories on it..well, i was a playful boy and had many friends..i absolutely liked football..and from childhood until now i've been a fan of Esteqlal club.. during the week, i was waiting for the weekends to collect with each other and go to the garden and other game which i was very keen on it was "7 sang"..we were devided in 2 groups.and put 7 stones on top of each other..1 group would start the game with hitting the ball into stones and then running the ball belongs to the group 2 & they shoudn't let G1 put the stones on each other... if they do this they'll be winner...
i want to return to that time..what would happen if i would return to the PAST?
in my chilhood i looked up to my parents and my teachers..i love my parent...well,i hope i can compensate at least a little of their kindness....


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