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Animals & Idioms Ant Animals & Idioms Bear Animals & Idioms Bee Animals & Idioms Butterfly Animals & Idioms Crocodile

Animals & Idioms Deer Animals & Idioms Elephant Animals & Idioms Fish Animals & Idioms Frog Animals & Idioms Giraffe

Animals & Idioms Gorrila Animals & Idioms Hippo Animals & Idioms Hyena Animals & Idioms Kangaroo Animals & Idioms Killer%20whale
------Gorilla------Hippo (Hippopotamus)------Hyena------------Kangaroo--------(Killer) Whale---

Animals & Idioms Leopard Animals & Idioms Octopus Animals & Idioms Peacock Animals & Idioms Pig Animals & Idioms Porcupine

Animals & Idioms Scorpion Animals & Idioms Shark Animals & Idioms Snake Animals & Idioms Walrus Animals & Idioms Wolf

Animals & Idioms Rabbit Animals & Idioms Cougar Animals & Idioms Eel Animals & Idioms Tiger Animals & Idioms Turtle

Animals & Idioms Lion Animals & Idioms Penguin Animals & Idioms Rhinoceros Animals & Idioms Hummingbird Animals & Idioms Polar-bear
-------Lion--------------Penguin-------Rhino (Rhinoceros)----Hummingbird---------Polar bear----

Related Vocabularies:
oviparous => Egg-laying , Oviparous animals are animals that lay eggs
viviparous => Producing living young (not eggs)
wild => living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated
domestic => a domestic animal lives on a farm or in someone's home
mammals => a type of animal which drinks milk from its mother's body when it's young
reptile => a type of animal, such as a snake or a lizard, whose body temperature changes according to the temperature around it, and that usually lays egg
amphibian => an animal such as a frog that can live both on land and in water
habitat => the natural home of a plant or an animal
biology => the scientific study of living creatures
zoology => the scientific study of animals and their behavior
marine => of or relating to the sea
herbivore => an animal that feeds on grass and other plants
carnivore => a flesh-eating animal
omnivore => a creature that eats both plants and animals

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Animals & Idioms Empty Idioms

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Animals & Idioms Killing%20two%20birds%20with%20one%20stone
--------------kill two birds with one stone----------------
If you kill two birds with one stone, you succeed in doing two things at the same time.

"By studying on the train on the way home every week-end, Claire kills two birds with one stone."

Animals & Idioms Beat-%28flog%29-a-dead-horse
---------------beat (or flog) a dead horse----------------
To say that someone is beating a dead horse means that they are wasting time and effort trying to do or achieve something that is not possible.

"Mark is beating a dead horse trying to get his money reimbursed. The company has gone bankrupt!"

Animals & Idioms Have-a-frog-in-one%27s-throat
---------------have a frog in one's throat ----------------
A person who has a frog in their throat has difficulty in speaking clearly, because they have a cough or a sore throat.

"Teaching was difficult today. I had a frog in my throat all morning."

Animals & Idioms Cat-got-your-tongue
------------------cat got your tongue? -------------------
If someone asks if the cat has got your tongue, they want to know why you are not speaking when they think you should.

"Come on, Connie! Tell us what you think about our little ride down the rapids yesterday.
Well, uh...
Wasn't it exciting?
I, uh...
What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
If you must know, I'm keeping quiet because I was scared out of my wits!"


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